Right now, this very instant, someone is struggling with code. I know because on any given day I am that person. Countless times I've discovered the answer to my problems on a blog, forum, or StackOverflow. I wouldn't be where I am without people constantly contributing to this knowledge base. This site is my attempt to help a struggling data analyst, ecologist, and developers where I can.

Learning in the open is the best way to learn.

About Me

I taught myself how to program with R while in college. Every new statistics course I took used a different tool, Minitab, SAS, SPSS. I had heard of MATLAB, but that wasn't free. I don't remember how I discovered R. But the decision to learn it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I've since taught myself a few other languages. At work we use SQL and Python. I saw a need to expand to the web at my job and began learning web development.

I'm not sure how to classify myself when people ask what I do. My degree is in wildlife ecology. My work is data management. I've developed websites and web apps at work too. I dream of being a badass data analyst that can build cool webapps and data pipelines for natural resource professionals. Every time I try and choose one of these boxes I get major FOMO. Maybe one day I can successfully do all these things!